Why do we offer this workshop?

For thousands of years human beings have naturally included dance and music in their everyday existence, for pleasure, as a means to connect with the divine, to channel emotion, to experience mystery, and to connect with themselves and their communities. The Sacred Spaces Workshop was founded by Monica Favand (facilitator) and Charlie Campagna (music director) to provide this much needed outlet in today's stress-filled, often disconnected world. The workshop is a true means of connection with community for many people, including all of us who provide music and facilitation. We have offered the workshop since 1999.

Sacred Spaces was inspired by in part by the Group Motion Workshop developed by Brigitta Hermann and Manfred Fischbeck in Philadelphia over 25 years ago. Offered initially in the Hollywood area, our workshops have taken place in Santa Monica, California since 2001.

Who comes to the workshop?

One of the great things about the workshop is that it attracts a variety of people of many ages and backgrounds.We sometimes have people visiting from other cities or countries but most of our participants are local Angelinos. Participants range in age from 18 - 80. Some of the people who come regularly are social workers, librarians, teachers, body workers, artists, lawyers, designers and business people. The over riding factor is that people are friendly, supportive and there to dance. There are frequently opportunities for partner and group dances, but we always allow space for people to dance by themselves if that is what they are inspired to do.

Do I need to be a trained dancer to participate?

NO. The most important thing to remember is that there is no way of making a "mistake", since all the movement is coming from you. All that we ask is that you be ready to "listen" to the other people dancing with you and to your own impulses.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that you feel free to move in and bare feet. If you would like to wear foot covering, socks or soft soled dance shoes are welcome. No street shoes please.

Is there a certain ettiquette I should know about?

We ask that once the workshop begins you refrain from talking in the space, and stay in participation as much as possible. If you need to take a break, it's best to stay "in" the moment by moving to the side to observe or just by becoming still in the space.

Can I come in late or leave early?

Yes, you can if you need to. We do recommend that you come on time, as the workshop has a beginning structured to get you into your breath and body gently. We end each evening with a "sound bath" (the musicians circle the dancers in the space, cacooning them in sound) and close with a short circle where we have a chance to introduce ourselves and share any thoughts about the night.

Where do I park?

There is a church parking lot a few doors East of the church on Hill. Once this fills up, we recommend either the metered parking on the "Ocean Side" of Main Street, or the parking lot that is three blocks East of the church at the corner of 2nd and Marine Streets. If parking in the lot, please do not block others in - as they may need to leave early, or they may not be affiliated with the workshop.

How do I get there?

The Church in Ocean Park is located at 235 Hill Street in Santa Monica, at the corner of 2nd and Hill. From the 10 Freeway heading West: Exit 4th Street - turn left on 4th street heading south - Right onto Hill. Parking Lot for church is on your right side between 2nd and 3rd on Hill. The church is very near to the beach, so feel free to take an evening stroll before or after you come over for the workshop.



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