"Thursday night at Sacred Spaces has become a necessity in my life, a way to connect with my body and soul, and touch those of others who love the freedom of dance."

-Karl Syndulko, Neuropsychologist / Administrator

"I sit in front of a computer all day . . . this is my chance to get back into my body. It's so therapeutic - a moving meditation. And I always look forward to the music."

-Sera Gamble, TV Writer

"How often do we find ourselves in a safe space deeply connecting to our heart's truth, gently bypassing the mind, and burning calories at the same time? The Sacred Spaces workshops have provided me with a safe haven to jump in joy, roll on the floor, surrender to the lead of a fellow dancer, or simply dance in a cocoon. Sacred Spaces is about permission to play, where authentic movement is the language spoken.

- Rina Daly-Goode, Educator

"The workshop brings community, healing and energy to my life. I am so grateful!"

-Amy Pfannenstiel, Social Worker / Performer

"Not only does attending the workshop provide an opportunity for me to dance, it also nourishes my soul. [The environment] is warm, welcoming, supportive, loving and has live music that moves you to new heights.

-Rachel Pusateri, Entrepreneur

"I've never experienced a better setup for dancing: Live band (and a great one at that), with incredibly moving and uplifting tunes, beats and singing. Unobtrusive yet effective guidance, ambiance, and just the right amount of spirituality. Interaction with other dancers. The workshop . . . keeps you healthy mentally and physically. Its importance to participants can't be underestimated."

-Alexei Gerulaitis, Computer Engineer, Business Owner

"I sleep better! Sacred Spaces is essential to my life! Many times people say 'when I arrived, I was exhausted and now, after dancing, I'm so awake!' It's total-thinking instead of spinning mental wheels."

-Patrisha Thomson, Artist/Art Educator

"[The workshop is] a space for deep connection with my inner life . . . a place to express in a profound and/or playful way, in movement and sound. . . that is unique to any other experience in the dance community. It's a great way to decompress, relieve tension and stress, as well as a positive avenue for creative expression. Its also a way to connect with community and spirit."

-Fred Kahane, Psychotherapist

"My life changes in surprising ways as I continue to explore, with courage, so much new territory! I learn something about myself every time."

-Mindia R., Writer / Artist

"At Sacred Spaces I can freely express, exhibit and explore any state of mind and being. Monica and gang provide a container in which I can connect with my body and spirit, and if I so choose, with the spirits of others. Thursday nights at Hill Street have become an important part of my ‘'taking care of self regime'."

-Sue Funkhouser, Management Consultant



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