TRIP MUSIC ENSEMBLE: Soaring Rhythms, Ambient Textures, Soulful Vocals

Weaving textural guitar loops, electronics, soulful melodies and grounded, world rhythms into tapestries of sound, The TRIP Music Ensemble creates and performs music for TRIP Dance Theatre performances and Sacred Spaces Workshops.

From ambient, to orchestral, rock and world music, this group of musicians has participated and is influenced by many different musical genres. Having worked togethor for between 7 and 15 years, the ensemble has developed a highly skilled ability to improvise together. They are adept at working with both live and choreographed dance, with a keen sensitivity that allows them to both respond to the dance and move it into new territory.

The ensemble is led by music director/primary composer/guitarist Charlie Campagna, who has created dozens of original compositions for the company that have incorporated guitar, cello, bass, percussion, voice, electronics, four channel audio, bells, whales, violin and much more. Additional original music for the company is composed by TRIP ensemble members Ron Bartlett and Eric Potter and outside musical collaborators, such as Moira Smiley
of VOCO and the women's vocal ensemble, KITKA.

The Core members of the TRIP music ensemble are Charlie Campagna (guitar / electronics) Ron Bartlett (percussion), Eric Potter (guitar, atmospheres), Hector Torres (world percussion) and Arlys Alford (vocals).



"...Charlie Campagna's score seduces you with an impressive array of textures and rhythms that artfully exploit the resources of four-channel audio...”
- Los Angeles Times (2006)

"...a mind-blowing excursion into the aural and physical." - Los Angeles Times (1999

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