Quotes from our Arts Access audience members & their families

"This performance was the first one I have ever attended. Ever since I was a little kid, I have always wanted to go to a live dance performance...but coming from a poor Latino family, this was always impossible. Now that I got the chance to go, I loved it even more. I had always enjoyed watching performances through television, but watching the real thing was even better. It made me realize how much I love dance.. It also taught me the value of my body…it now makes me wonder if in reality our bodies could talk, what would they say (I know mine would probably never shut up). I think now I try harder to truly l listen to what my body tries to tell me."

- Rosa Maria C., Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills

"Breath and Bone is one of the best, high-quality dances I have seen. I love dancing and have seen different types of dances, but I have never seen dancing like this. It honestly gave me satisfaction, being a dancer myself… and I realized how important dance really is in my life. The dancers made me want to turn a hobby into something greater."

- Amanda A., Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills

"You guys have inspired me in every way imaginable. This is the type of dancing and company that I would love to be a part of."

- 14-year old student / LA County High School for the Arts

"Breath and Bone was one of the most free, high spirited programs that I have ever come across...I believe this is what the art of dance is all about."

- Breyanna T., Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills



"I think I feel like seeing dance more or maybe I want to be small again to dance."

–-33 year-old mother of an everybody dance! student.
(Breath & Bone was her first professional dance concert.)

"In Beneath the Water one feels like they are under the water with jellyfishes by the water droplet sounds being played. The music used for this piece sounded like an underwater cave. The dancers also used bells in their dancing…The dresses were made in such a way to make the dancers appear as if they were floating underwater…the music brought calmness to the soul."

- Lela A., Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills

"All the elements of Breath and Bone combine to form a truly enjoyable experience for the audience. The dancers come through with clear passion for their performance..."

- Dora M., Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills

"Breath and Bone was an amazing dance. Truthfully, I really didn't want to go, and was not looking forward to going to a dance. I thought it would be boring, not interesting, and a waste of my time, Breath and Bone was different from all other performances I have ever seen. The dance had amazing movements, outfits, mirroring and use of space, speeds and levels…If I were asked to go to a dance like 'Breath and Bone' I would go in a second…it was a great experience for me, my mom and my sister. I will never forget my first dance that I went to "Breath and Bone".

- Christie C.l, Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills

"I really enjoyed the entire performance. I really could relate to the Ups And Downs performance because that is how you feel for different days and different times. One minute you could be happy, and the next minute you could be sad. It expressed everyone's life."

- Ashley S. , Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills

"This piece (vocal improvisation) moved me in a way that the air moves a feather in space, ever so gently rocking it back and forth till it softly lands on the ground….The dancers technical ability was extraordinary! The flexibility of each was very entertaining to see as some twisted themselves in circular patterns with all their weight on their head and one shoulder at times. The speed of the solo act (Erica Rebollar) was quite amazing. To see a human being move as fast as she did in the poses and movements was spectacular. The combination of using her hand and feet to demonstrate the ticking of clock was a reminder of how great choreography can add to a performance."

- Chantell C., Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills

"Ups and Downs was definitely one of my favorite acts of the night. This performance reminded me of how I start my day. I get off to a slow start; not wanting to get out of bed. By the time I finally do get out of bed and start my day, it seems as though every obstacle in the world is in my way. Half way through my day I am wishing that I had done certain things one way and regretting the outcome of certain situations."

- Jennifer D., Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills

“"I've learned a lot of emotional movements through this show. It made me learn more about modern [dance], how they move and how they dance and feel the dance/music.”

- 13 year-old student / Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

"Aside from loving the performance, what excited me was seeing how it affected my daughter as she watched. Seeing her get inspired was the highlight of my evening… the best evening me and my daughter have spent. What a way to start off the New Year! Unbelievable! Thanks!”"

–- 48 yr-old mother of a LA County High School for the Arts student

“"Throughout the program, there were themes in each dance that touched each person in the audience. In ‘"Below Water"”, I personally felt like the girls represented the quiet and tranquil life of exotic fishes that quietly swim from one place to another underwater. They were away from danger; however, towards the end of the music, it seemed like the fish were beginning to lose their way and becoming confused. This I the way some people go through life until something occurs to jerk them awake and force them out of their safe zone. When the girls laid down on the floor at the end of the piece, I thought they had run out of water that was necessary for their survival. It was as if one had come to their lowest point of giving up when there was no other option to follow."”

- Lela A., Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills

"The music accompaniment was a crucial part of all the dance routines. The musical instruments included violins, guitars, as well as extraordinary vocalists. The first piece's music gave the tone of underwater life. Thus, the viewer is able to feel and believe he/she is underwater too."

- Melissa G., Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills

"Their energy was great. I even felt the emotion as if I was in the water. The dance was very original. I have never seen anything like it. They made me forget about my stress and problems."

- Paula T., Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills

"I found this performance of Trip Dance to be something I was not familiar with at all. My first reaction was honestly, "what the heck." Then I found myself being taken out by the whole outer aspect of the show and going into depth with more meaning, more emotion. I put myself in a more inner thought. I asked myself, what are they trying to say? Is this related to just my class or my life as well?… My favorite and most memorable performance was "The Lights from the Heavens are called stars", performed by Erica Rebollar. Her performance reminded me of my own life…The music that was played in her performance matched perfectly with what my life is like. The sounds of the clock represented our lives and how we all choose to live it, sometimes we move along so fast we forget the little things in life. The dance teaches a good lesson."

- Maria T., Student / CAL State Dominguez Hills



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